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Of course the bears of MBP TV have to get together to discuss the most controversial episode of TV in 2016, the season premiere of “The Walking Dead”, a return to AMC’s zombie horror hit that has bitterly divided fans. Did the show go too far? We also cleanse our TV watching palate with a little MeTV, covering some of the shows we’re watching from yesterday and today. Find this and all of our previous episodes in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at


Time Index 

Intros: 00:00-04:30
MeTV: 04:30-22:00
The Walking Dead: 22:00-47:30
Plugs: 47:30-1:00:00



Stephen –

Casey - UNHhhh

Brad – Catfish

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The MBP guys are back this week with a double review episode featuring discussions about Toho Studio's SHIN GODZILLA and the latest film in the Ouijaverse(?), OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL. In addition, we conduct a bear seance and summon a special guest: Adrian Charlie of the Green Screen of Death Podcast is called out from the realm of Canada to join us for our discussion of OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL.  

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0:00 - Intros
5:17 - Review: SHIN GODZILLA
24:30 - Spoilers: SHIN GODZILLA
32:38 - Bear Seance and Surprise Guest Intro
40:18 - Review: OUIJA:ORIGIN OF EVIL
56:39 - Spoilers: OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL
1:17:32: Plugs & Outro


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The bears of MBP TV return after an extended hiatus to dig into HBO’s newest hit, “Westworld”, a show packed with cowboys, robots, and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Brilliant? Confounding? The next “Game of Thrones”? All of the above? Plus hear unique takes on the shows the bears are watching on their own in the popular MeTV segment, covering a variety of TV that you should certainly be watching this fall season. Find this and all of our previous episodes in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-02:50
MeTV: 02:50-28:15
Westworld: 28:15-52:45
Plugs: 52:45-59:58



Brad – Orange is the New Black
Casey – The Middle, Fresh Off the Boat, American Housewife & The Real O’Neals
Stephen – Halt and Catch Fire

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On this episode we review & discuss the new historical drama film, 'The Birth of a Nation' from writer/director Nate Parker. We also discuss the swirl of drama around Mr Parker and its impact on the movie's reception. In movie news, we talk about the 'Blade Runner' sequel and Disney live-action 'Aladdin'. 

0:00 - Intros
1:45 - Movie News
15:12 - Review: THE BIRTH OF A NATION
30:45 - Spoilers: THE BIRTH OF A NATION
47:53 - Plugs & Outro

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Will's back from Fantastic Fest, meaning that the MBP gangs back together again! On this episode we discuss & review the new historical disaster / action movie, 'Deepwater Horizon'. We also talk about a few recent movie news items including Tim Burton's remarks about inclusion, the composers for the next Peter Berg film, and the re-release of all of the Harry Potter films in IMAX this month! 

0:00 - Intros
3:41 - Movie News
40:53 - Spoiler Talk: DEEPWATER HORIZON
55:41 - Plugs & Outro

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