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On this week's episode, we discuss and review the new horror/thriller 'Don't Breathe' by writer/director Fede Alvarez. Haven't heard of it? Well, listen in to hear whether we think it stacks up against other recent horror movies. In addition, we talk about the sad news of actor/comedian Gene Wilder's passing and read some listener comments about their favorite Wilder movie roles. 

0:00 - Intros
3:48 - Movie News
23:38 - Review: DON'T BREATHE
39:30 - Spoiler Talk: DON'T BREATHE
58:37 - Plugs & Outros

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On the podcast this week we're excited to discuss and review the newest animated film from Laika Entertainment studio, KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS, an original story featuring a hybrid of Laika's groundbreaking stop-action style and CG animation. Also, we discuss movie news topics from BBC's top 100 of the 21st century to the recently announced Adam Ward Batman animated movie. 

0:00 Intros
6:04 Movie News
1:09:20 Plugs & Outro

BBC's Top 100 Films of the 21st century:


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We review two new movies on this episode, the Seth Rogan & Evan Goldberg animated raunchy food comedy, SAUSAGE PARTY and Disney's re-imagining of one of their past classics, PETE'S DRAGON by writer/director David Lowery. 

0:00 Intros
3:38 Review - PETE'S DRAGON
35:50 Review - SAUSAGE PARTY
1:05:50 Plugs & Outro

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This week the bears of MBP TV return after a bit of a break to discuss two TV events that have everyone talking: the full series of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and the HBO series finale of “Looking”, in the form of a 90-minute TV movie. Listen as we pour one out for our home girl Barb, determine which of us is the Patrick, Dom, or Agustin in our group, and throw out as many double entendres as possible while giving you the pros and cons of two of the most talked-about shows of the summer season. Find this and all of our previous episodes in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-02:37

Stranger Things: 02:37-33:18

Looking The Movie: 33:18-48:55

Plugs: 48:55-57:29



Brad: ‘Project Greenlight’ Cancellation, ‘Big Brother’ & Movie Bears Podcast

Stephen: ‘UnReal’

Casey: ‘Lady Dynamite’, ‘Match Game’ & ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

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On this episode, we're thrilled to be joined by special guest Bill Zanowitz, comic creator and co-host of the Comic Book Bears Podcast. Bill joins us for a fun review of SUICIDE SQUAD, the latest movie in the DC Cinematic Universe (DCU? DCCU? ...whatever). In addition we all bring some movie news ranging from Transformers: The Movie remaster re-release on Blu-Ray to BAD SANTA 2, to FRIDAY THE 13th reboot. Also...Check out the links below to several cool surprises.

Intros and Listener Comments: 0:00 - 13:29
Movie News: 13:30 - 30:33
Review - SUICIDE SQUAD: 30:34 - 57:16
Spoilers - SUICIDE SQUAD: 57:17 - 1:19:19
Plugs & Outro: 1:19:20 - 1:34:16

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Comic Book Bears Podcast:

Comic Book Bears (Facebook page):

Bill's brand new comic book release: Crime Fighter Inquiry #1 (Facebook page):

Kickstarter for Crime Fighter Inquiry #1:

Flame Con - NYC's LGBT Comic Con



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On this extra special mid-summer episode of MBP, Brad Will & Jim each reveal their lists of Top 10 Films of The 21st Century (So Far). So many great films that we could mention in the past 15+ years, but alas, we each had to limit it to 10. Brutal...but still, were happy with all of the amazing movies on our lists and even honorable mentions. We also have fun mentioning some favorites sent in by our listeners. 

Intros: 0:00 - 4:56
Top 10 Films of The 21st Century (So Far): 4:57 - 1:39:38
Honorable Mentions & Outros: 1:39:39 - 1:46:40

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