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This week the guys talk 'Star Wars: Episode VII,' the Sundance Film Festival, 'Top Gun 3D,' and 'Argo' before diving into their review of 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.'

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This week the guys are joined by Doug Langway (writer/director) and Gerald McCullouch (co-executive producer and 'Roger') for an in-depth discussion of 'BearCity 2: The Proposal.' Doug and Gerald share fascinating insights behind the movie, its characters, and its themes while discussing implications for the bear community at large. Enjoy the episode -- available through iTunes or on -- and don't forget to purchase YOUR copy of 'BearCity 2' at 

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This week the guys dish news from the film industry -- including some pleasant surprises from the Golden Globes -- before tackling 'Zero Dark Thirty' with the help of special guest Dave, co-coordinator of the San Francisco Movie Bears.

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This week the guys tackle their favorite -- though not necessarily Oscar-worthy -- films of 2012. Joined by special guest Will Lindus, the discussion incoporates many of the obvious standouts of last year as well as some fun surprises. Following their faves, the guys then move on to their picks for the worst films of 2012.

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This week the guys are joined by JJ Kim of the Enthusiast Cubcast and dive into a special double feature review of both 'Silver Linings Playbook' and 'Django Unchained.'

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