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DOUBLE FEATURE! On this epidode, we're reviewing the new video game-based adventure, UNCHARTED and Sir Kenneth Branaugh's DEATH ON THE NILE. What did you think of these films? Or maybe you haven't sen them yet? Then have a listen for our thoughts and enjoy the show.


4:04 - SXSW Film Festival pre-game talk

10:01 - Review: UNCHARTED

27:52 - Spoilers: UNCHARTED

48:08 - Review: DEATH ON THE NILE

1:08:05 - Spoilers: DEATH ON THE NILE

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On this episode, we're catching up with 'Moonfall,' the new disaster flick involving the moon - and get this - falling (just like in the title!!) out of orbit and crashing into earth. Is this movie a disaster? We'll weigh in with our thoughts. Enjoy!

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On this special annual episode of MBP, we count down our TOP 10 FILMS OF 2021. Which movies got onto our best of the year lists? Have a listen to find out and also hear some of our listener's rankings too! Enjoy the show!

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