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This week the guys tackle not one but TWO movies! As usual, the guys offer pre-spoiler advice on seeing 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and 'Divergent' before getting into their spoiler-packed reviews. Enjoy the episode in iTunes/Stitcher or check out the livestream recording on our YouTube channel!

Time Index

Intros/Contest: 00:00-07:35

'The Grand Budapest Hotel': 07:35-58:36

'Divergent': 58:36-1:34:19

Plugs: 1:34:19-END

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This week the guys discuss the VERY emotional fallout of recent episodes of 'The Walking Dead' before pitting 'Survivor' against 'Naked and Afraid' for the title of top survival show. Enjoy the episode in iTunes/Stitcher or check out the recording of our video livestream on YouTube!

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-01:16

'The Walking Dead': 01:16-38:16

'SURVIVOR' vs. 'Naked and Afraid': 38:16-END

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This week the guys take on 'Need For Speed,' the new car-chase-race thriller starring Aaron Paul of 'Breaking Bad' fame. Before diving into a very spoilery review, the guys give some advice on whether this movie is worth checking out. They also discuss 'Veronica Mars,' some casting news for the new Star Wars film, and the 'Annie' remake. Enjoy in iTunes/Stitcher or on our website and if you missed livestream recording, check it out on our YouTube page!

Time Index

Intros/Banter: 00:00-05:19

Movie News: 05:19-38:24

'Need For Speed': 38:24-1:19:18

Plugs: 1:19:18 - END


Elton John Concert Movie (Fathom Event)

'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

'Muppets Most Wanted'

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This week the guys tackle '300: Rise of an Empire!' Before diving into their spoilery review of the film, the guys advise on whether this Spartan follow up is worth your time and money. The guys also discuss the SXSW Film Festival happening in Austin, TX, and share their weekly plugs. Enjoy the show in iTunes/Stitcher or on our website!

Time Index

Intros/SXSW: 00:00-21:44

'300: Rise of an Empire': 21:44-1:04:13

Plugs: 1:04:13-END


Oscar movies on Netflix
'Short Term 12'
'Enough Said'
The Lindus List -
'Need For Speed' out this weekend
'Frozen' Parental Lipsync - 


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This week the guys discuss the finales of 'True Detective' and 'Looking' and review the premiere episodes of 'Survivor.' Enjoy the episode in iTunes/Stitcher or on our website. And if you want to WATCH the guys in action, head over to our YouTube channel for a recording of the livestream.

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-02:42

True Detective: 02:42-21:10

Survivor: 21:10-49:52

Looking: 49:52-1:05:01

Plugs: 1:05:01-END

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SUPER hot bear and veteran filmmaker Malcolm Ingram joins the guys this week to recap the Oscars! The guys hit the highlights of the night and share their thoughts on who walked away with the gold. They also discuss 'Continental,' Malcolm Ingram's new documentary detailing the history of perhaps the world's most famous -- and socially influential -- bath house in 1970's New York. Just a heads up...we definitely earn our EXPLICIT tag this week so bear that in mind! Enjoy the show in iTunes/Stitcher or on our website at

Time Index

Intros/'Continental': 00:00-31:55

Oscar Recap: 31:55-1:16:27

Plugs: 1:16:27-END


Malcolm Ingram on Facebook:

Malcolm on Twitter (@MalcolmIngram):

'Continental' Website:

'Cooking With Malcolm Ingram':

Jim: BOTOP Movie Bears outing to 'Need For Speed'
Will: 'The Wind Rises'
Brad: The Movie Bears Podcast at SXSW Film 

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