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The MBP guys are back this week with a double review episode featuring discussions about Toho Studio's SHIN GODZILLA and the latest film in the Ouijaverse(?), OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL. In addition, we conduct a bear seance and summon a special guest: Adrian Charlie of the Green Screen of Death Podcast is called out from the realm of Canada to join us for our discussion of OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL.  

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0:00 - Intros
5:17 - Review: SHIN GODZILLA
24:30 - Spoilers: SHIN GODZILLA
32:38 - Bear Seance and Surprise Guest Intro
40:18 - Review: OUIJA:ORIGIN OF EVIL
56:39 - Spoilers: OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL
1:17:32: Plugs & Outro


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