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Who ya gonna call? The Movie Bears Podcast! This week the bears are joined by special guest Mike Lovins to review 'Ghostbusters,' the new reboot flick starring Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Chris Hemsworth! Was this one worth your time and money? Tune in to our pre-spoiler section to find out or, if you've already seen it, stick around for our super-spoilery review! Enjoy the show in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at

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Intros: 00:00-03:52
Movie News: 03:52-19:16
‘Ghostbusters’ (2016): 19:16-1:10:56
Plugs: 1:10:56-END


Mike: @MikeLovins on Twitter, also in a new band called Bava Choco:

Brad: ’Sing Street’ now on VOD

Will: ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix

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