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On this episode, Will, Brad and Jim make like fishes and other sea creatures by diving into the newest Pixar movie, 'Finding Dory'. While it may be somewhat unfair to hold this sequel up to the astounding critical and financial success of its 2003 predecessor, 'Finding Nemo', that doesn't stop the guys from doing just that and more as they provide their honest opinions. There's also some movie news including tidbits about the new 'Pete's Dragon' trailer and Jerry Lewis' 40-year dormant passion project, 'The Day The Clown Cried'. 

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Intros: 0:00 - 6:36
Movie News: 6:37 - 20:58
Review - FINDING DORY: 20:59 - 37:50
Spoiler Talk - FINDING DORY: 37:51 - 57:40
Plugs & Outro: 57:41 - 1:06:41

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