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After a week of binging film after film at the #SXSWFilm Festival in Austin, Texas, Brad, Jim, and Will are joined by special guest Matthew Goad of YouTube’s ‘Cocktail Moment’ and thirtysomethingdigital to discuss some of their favorite experiences from the festival.

Plus, the young adult rom-com ‘Love, Simon’ has been setting Gay Twitter™ on fire after its premiere this weekend. Is this charming LGBTQ romantic comedy the film our community has been waiting for? Or is it simply more of the same, dressed up in gay trappings? We’re going live RIGHT NOW to discuss these very topics, and we’d love for you to click the link and join us! #LoveSimon


0:00 - Intros w/special guest Matthew Goad

4:39 - Highlights of SXSW Film 2018

55:56 - Review: LOVE, SIMON

1:08:18 - Spoilers: LOVE, SIMON

1:24:02 - Plugs & Outro

Catch our hunky guest Matthew's fun and informative 'Cocktail Moments' on YouTube channel Thirty Something Video channel. 

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Special Episode! - During our amazing time at the South By Southwest (SXSW) 2018 Film Festival in Austin TX, we had the opportunity to speak with several filmmakers at the All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Festival (AGLIFF) Brunch and SXSW film screenings. Listen in to what these talented folks have to say about their astounding LGBT-related films that you'll want to get out and look for: 

0:00 - Intros at The Iron Bear, Austin TX (special guest and friend of the show, Austin King)

3:21 - AGLIFF president Ashley Marshall and Program Director Jim Brunzell Links:

Instagram @agliffest

8:35 - 'This One's For The Ladies' documentary and *SXSW Special Jury Prize winner for Best Cast* with director/producer/editor Gene Graham and dir of photography Paul Rowley   Links:  or Facebook: @thisoneladies

11:27 - 'The Things You Think I'm Thinking' short film with director Sherron Lee and Charlie. Links: and @sundayafterprod on Twitter

14:17 - 'Transmilitary' winner of the *2018 SXSW Audience Award for Documentary Feature Competition* with director Fiona Dawson. Links: and Facebook @transmilitarydoc 

18:48 - 'Wild Nights With Emily' with cast Susan Ziegler and Jackie Monahan. Links: and Twitter @jackiemonahan

25:12 - 'Rukus' with director Brett Hanover. Check out the trailer at and follow Rukus Movie on Facebook

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Roll out the red carpet and turn up the spotlights! On this episode we talk about the 90th Academy Awards, or the little golden men known as Oscars that they give out during this time each year in Hollywood.  We break down the big event, talking about the big winners, notable speeches, memorable performances, and random celebrity shenanigans. 


0:00 - Intros

2:28 - Oscars Recap & Discussion

1:00:26 - Plugs & Outro


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This is an exciting episode for us at the Movie Bears Podcast! Not only do we get to talk about a brand new sci-fi movie, 'Annihilation', but we've also been working on updating a few things with our look and feel, which includes a brand new logo and a theme song which will accompany all episodes starting now! 

Are you ready for some new, heady sci-fi? We sure are! This week, we give our review of ‘Annihilation,’ the new release by writer/director Alex Garland (‘Ex Machina’) and starring Natalie Portman. We’ve got a lot to say, so have a listen and let us know what you think in comments or a review on iTunes!


0:00 - Intros

4:42 - Brand new MBP Logo and Theme Song!

12:16 - Movie News

23:56 - Review: ANNIHILATION

38:41 - Spoilers: ANNIHILATION

1:04:25 - Plugs & outro

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