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On this episode we're not shy about giving our thoughts on the recently-announced 2018 Oscar nominations. Also, we cover some movie news about the upcoming sequels to 'The Shining' and 'Call Me By Your Name' as well as a Mr. Rogers biopic.  


0:00 - Intros

7:18 - Movie News

27:29 - Oscar Nominations 2018

1:19:15 - Plugs & Outro

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On this episode, we're back with an MBP review double feature! First, we check in with that charming & delightful marmalade-loving bear in ‘Paddington 2,’ a sequel to the film that stole our hearts early in 2015. Then, we take a trip to northern Italy to explore the first love / coming of age story of ‘Call Me By Your Name.’ Everyone is talking about these two movies this week, so listen in, hear what we have to say, and join us in the discussion. 


0:00 - Intros

7:12 - Review: PADDINGTON 2

28:22 - Spoilers: PADDINGTON 2

40:55 - Review: CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

56:64 - Spoilers: CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

1:33:35 - Plugs & Outro

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On this episode, we're really excited to talk about the best film offerings of 2017. In a year of great movies and great film discussions on MBP, which ones have risen to the top of our lists? Find out by listening as we countdown and reveal our lists of the Top Ten Films of 2017. Enjoy!

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Roll out the red carpet, it's time for our annual MBP Awards! On this episode, we reveal our choices in such unique cinematic categories as 'Worst Movie', 'Hottest On Screen Moment' and 'Best Hell Yeah Moment' from this year in film. Have a listen to probably the most fun movie podcast anywhere on the internet...well, at least the hairiest. 

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We’re back, Pitches! Returning from the holiday hiatus, we kick off 2018 with a double review this week: ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ and ‘The Shape of Water!’ Are the Bellas really and truly done? Can mer-people and humans really have sex? Find out all this and more in this week’s episode! Enjoy the show in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and on our website at


00:00 - Intros and hellos

05:36 - ‘Pitch Perfect 3’

38:45 - ‘The Shape of Water’

1:26:50 - Plugs & outro

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