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At this special holiday time of year, we created a special episode to celebrate. Because it's Thanksgiving week, Brad, Will & Jim have fun discussing the movies that we are each thankful for. So maybe you'll enjoy this episode while you wait for your turkey tryptophan overdose to wear off.  Happy Thanksgiving, Friends-giving or however you decide to spend the holiday!

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0:00 - Intros
2:16 - Movies That We're Thankful For
46:22 - Thanksgiving Outros & Listener Comments


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On this episode we finally get to discuss and review one of our most anticipated movies of the year, director Denis Villeneuve's ARRIVAL. Starring Amy Adams and some aliens, find out how well we think this film stacks up against other recent sci-fi films. 

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0:00 - Intros & Listener Mail Fun
8:14 - Review: ARRIVAL
32:22 - Spoilers: ARRIVAL
50:15 - Plugs & Outro

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With strange things happening around the 2016 presidential election, we thought we'd go full-on strange with our discussion & review of Marvel's latest film, 'Doctor Strange. In addition, we touch on some movie news about the "Clover-verse", the "Fantastic Beasts-verse" and Disney's "Menken-verse". 

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0:00 - Intros
5:05 - Movie News
25:48 - Review:DOCTOR STRANGE
59:25 - Plugs & Outro

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This episode was recorded on Halloween night, so we thought we'd offer a special double dose of classic scary movies with our examination of John Carpenter's 'Halloween' and Wes Craven's 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. Listen in and hear how these horror benchmark movies have influenced each of the MBP guys. 

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0:00 - Intros
4:46 - John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN
31:45 - Wes Craven's A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET
1:02:27 - Plugs & Outros

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