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This week, the movie bears podcast crew is boldly going. Where, you ask?  Well, straight ahead at warp speed into a lively review and discussion of the latest Star Trek movie, Star Trek:Beyond. In addition, we talk about some big movie news about Justice League and Captain Marvel out of San Diego ComicCon. Enjoy all of our MBP episodes on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at 

Intros: 0:00 - 2:32
Movie News: 2:33 - 31:37
Review - STAR TREK: BEYOND: 31:38 - 51:43
Spoilers - STAR TREK: BEYOND: 51:44 - 1:16:33
Plugs & Outros: 1:16:34 - 1:24:30

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Who ya gonna call? The Movie Bears Podcast! This week the bears are joined by special guest Mike Lovins to review 'Ghostbusters,' the new reboot flick starring Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Chris Hemsworth! Was this one worth your time and money? Tune in to our pre-spoiler section to find out or, if you've already seen it, stick around for our super-spoilery review! Enjoy the show in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-03:52
Movie News: 03:52-19:16
‘Ghostbusters’ (2016): 19:16-1:10:56
Plugs: 1:10:56-END


Mike: @MikeLovins on Twitter, also in a new band called Bava Choco:

Brad: ’Sing Street’ now on VOD

Will: ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix

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This week, the guys celebrate their own version of pet week with a review of Illumination Animation Studio's latest animated movie, 'The Secret Life of Pets'. In addition, we dig up an old bone with the long awaited return of our 'Indie Watch' segment where we give two current indie releases, 'Swiss Army Man' and 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople' some much-deserved MBP love. 

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Intros: 0:00 - 2:33
Indie Watch - HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE: 2:34 - 13:37
Indie Watch - SWISS ARMY MAN: 13:38 - 29:50
Review - THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS: 29:51 - 49:59
Spoiler Talk - THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS: 50:00 - 1:04:41
Plugs & Outros: 1:04:42 - 1:14:09

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On this episode Brad, Jim & Will all unlock their private movie lists to each reveal their personal picks for the top 3 movies of 2016, so far. In addition to that mid-year movie accounting, they review the 3rd and latest entry in The Purge franchise, 'The Purge: Election Year'

Intros and Top Films of 2016 (So Far): 0:00 - 43:58
Review - THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR: 43:59 - 1:07:17
Spoilers - THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR: 1:07:18 - 1:12:43
Plugs & Outro: 1:12:44 - 1:24:33

Listen to all of our MBP episodes on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and at our website:  Also, please leave us a rating, review or comment and maybe we'll be able to read it on the next episode!  

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This week the bears of MBP TV tackle the mind-blowing season finale of ‘Game of Thrones’, one of the most talked-about episodes of television of the year! Listen as we (spoilers!) unpack the repercussions of Cersei’s big fiery move at King’s Landing, cheer on the surprise assassin of one of the last purely evil villains in Westeros, ponder the next moves for Jon and Sansa after taking back Winterfell, and bow to the staggering power of Daenerys and her ever-growing army as she continues her quest for world domination. Find this and all of our previous episodes in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at


Time Index

Intros: 00:00-02:35

Game of Thrones: 02:35-52:05

Plugs: 52:05-1:00:00



Casey: ‘UnReal’

Stephen: ‘Veep’ & ‘Silicon Valley’

Brad: ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ & ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

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