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This week MBP TV celebrates the return of 'Game of Thrones!' What's going on with Jon Snow?! Is Danerys going to be a slave to a new horde of Dothraki? Will Cersei keep that Les-Mis-Anne-Hathaway-bob-cut? We weigh in on that and more. We also dish on the latest episode of Survivor and whether Tai's big move might have just cost him the game. Enjoy in iTunes, Stitcher, or on our website at

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-03:35
‘Game of Thrones:’ 03:35-26:27
‘Survivor:’ 26:27-47:53
Plugs: 47:53-END

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Well, here it is... the episode where we finally lose our Will. Yep, We've literally got no Will for this episode of MBP. Yet we march on... Will-less. Anyway, while Will is away, Brad and Jim bring the goods without missing a beat. This week, we discuss and review the new 80's coming of age movie, 'Sing Street'. We also return to our Movie News segment, where we talk about the weird casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One in Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' and also explore Disney's slate of "live action" movie release dates.

Intros: 0:00 - 5:24
Movie News: 5:25 - 24:00
Review - SING STREET: 24:01 - 39:12
Spoilers - SING STREET: 39:13 - 48:37
Plugs & Outro: 48:38 - 55:24

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This week the bears of MBP TV discuss the premiere of 'Fear the Walking Dead' and catch with the newest episode of 'Survivor.' The boys also dish up some MeTV and some plugs! Enjoy the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or our website.

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On this week's episode we discuss and review the new "live-action" re-make of Disney's 'The Jungle Book'. Also, in a special "Trailer Watch" edition of MBP Movie News, we dive into the just released and much buzzed-about trailers for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", Toho's "Godzilla Resurgence", and Marvel's "Doctor Strange". 

Intros: 0:00 - 2:13
Trailer Watch: 2:14 - 31:17
Review - THE JUNGLE BOOK: 31:18 - 54:19
Spoilers - THE JUNGLE BOOK: 54:20 - 1:09:42
Plugs & Outro: 1:09:42 - 1:18:10

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Two new movie releases on this week's episode... Brad, Jim & Will discuss and review the unique, first-person, wall-to-wall action movie 'Hardcore Henry' and the latest off-beat drama from director Jean-Marc Valle and staring Jake Gyllenhaal, 'Demolition'. 

If you wanna see just how insane the action in 'Hardcore Henry' is, click this link for a behind the scenes "making of" video:

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Intros: 0:00 - 10:52
Review - DEMOLITION: 10:53 - 34:17
Review - HARDCORE HENRY: 34:18 - 1:06:03
Plugs: 1:06:04 - 1:15:32

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This week on MBP TV, the bears discuss the epic (?) finale of Season 6 of 'The Walking Dead!' They also dish on new episodes of 'Survivor' and 'The Path.' Enjoy the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or our website at

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-01:39
‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: 01:39-21:15
‘Survivor:’ 21:15-35:13
‘The Path:’ 35:13-END

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On this week's episode, Will, Brad and Jim talk about the brand new movie from writer / director Richard Linklater, 'Everybody Wants Some!!', and it's cinematic older cousin from 1993, 'Dazed and Confused', also from Linklater.

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Intros: 0:00 - 3:04
Review - DAZED AND CONFUSED: 3:05 - 25:41
Review - EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!: 25:42 - 46:22
Spoilers - EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!: 46:23 - 55:54
Plugs & Outro: 55:55 - 1:03:12

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On this week's episode, the MBP guys are joined by our friends Bill Zanowitz and Steve Mowry from the Comic Book Bears Podcast for a special discussion of this years first blockbuster/tentpole movie, 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'. Hear what we all have to say about this highly talked-about movie from director Zach Snyder. 

Intros: 0:00 - 6:09
Listener Poll: 'Bale v Batfleck?': 6:10 - 15:09
Review - 'BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE': 15:10 - 53:17
Spoilers - 'BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE': 53:18 - 1:26:06
Plugs & Outro: 1:26:07 - 1:37:20

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Also get more of Bill Z and Steve M on the fantastic Comic Book Bears Podcast on iTunes, at the Comic Book Bears Facebook page, or at their website:


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