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Celebrate Halloween with a discussion of some of the best ever ghost movies! The bears also review 'Ouija,' the new spirit-board-centric film starring Olivia Cooke of 'Bates Motel' fame. Enjoy the show in iTunes/Stitcher or on our website!

Time Index

Intros: 0:00 - 3:18
Favorite Ghost Movies: 3:19 - 41:53
   The House on Haunted Hill
   The Shining
   Beetle juice
   The Sixth Sense
Review - OUIJA: 41:54 - 1:05:10
Plugs & Outro: 1:06:11 - 1:19:29

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Join the MBP TV bears this week as they celebrate Halloween with a review of 'Constantine,' the new DC Comics show following occult excorcist John Constantine. The guys also review the latest episodes of 'The Flash' and the premiere episode of 'Marry Me.' Enjoy on our website or iTunes and Stitcher!

Time Index

Intros/Banter: 00:00-03:40
Constantine: 03:40-18:48
The Flash: 18:48-34:19
Marry Me: 34:19-53:59
Plugs: 53:59-END 

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This week the guys celebrate 100 episodes of MBP *and* review 'Fury,' the new WW2 action drama starring Brad Pitt. Winners of our MBP t-shirt contest are also announced, so tune in to find out if you won! Enjoy the show in iTunes, Stitcher, or on our website. 

Time Index

Intros & 100th Episode Listener Comments: 00:00 – 21:46

T-Shirt Drawing & 100th Episode Host Comments: 21:47 - 34:16

Movie News: 34:17 - 55:17

Review - FURY: 55:18 - 1:07:17

SPOILERS: 1:07:08 – 1:34:48

Plugs & Outro: 1:34:49 - 1:46:31

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This week the bears share their favorite monster movies before discussing 'Dracula Untold,' a new take on classic creature features. As usual, the guys give advice on seeing the film before they dive into spoilers. Enjoy in iTunes/Stitcher or on our website!

Time Index

Intros: 00:00 – 1:55

Favorite Monster Movies: 1:56 - 28:38

Review - Dracula Untold: 28:39 - 46:02

SPOILERS: 46:03 – 1:06:30

Plugs & Outro: 1:06:31 - 1:19:52


Mike: The Roomfull -

Will: Movie Bears Podcast written review section, check out reviews of 'Birdman' and 'Fury' coming soon. Also 'ABCs of Death 2,' available on Amazon now.

Jim: 'Zodiac' by David Fincher 

Brad: MBP TV  

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This week on MBP TV, the bears discuss the fall premieres of 'American Horror Story: Freakshow,' 'The Flash,' and 'The Walking Dead.' Enjoy the show on iTunes/Stitcher or on our website.

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-02:36

AHS: Freakshow: 02:36-24:44

The Flash: 24:44-45:08

The Walking Dead: 45:08-1:09:18

Plugs/End: 1:09:18-END

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It's another double header this week as the bears review both 'Gone Girl' and 'Annabelle!' Enjoy the show in iTunes/Stitcher or on our website and don't forget to leave us some feedback! Entries during the month of October go into a t-shirt drawing on our 100th episode!

Time Index

Intros: 0:00 - 2:41
Annabelle Review: 2:42 - 19:16
Annabelle SPOILERS: 19:17 - 36:00
Gone Girl: 36:01 - 50:10
Gone Girl SPOILERS: 50:11 - 1:09:49
Plugs & Outro: 1:09:50 - 1:17:53


Will - 'The Skeleton Twins' (in theaters now)

Jim - ''I Killed My Mother' and director Xavier Dolan

Brad - MBP TV e26

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This week on MBP TV, the bears dish on the premieres of 'Selfie' and 'Gracepoint' and review two episodes of 'Transparent.' Should you be watching these shows? Tune in to find out! Enjoy the show in iTunes/Stitcher, on our website, or on our YouTube channel! 

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-03:13
'Gracepoint': 03:13-18:14
'Selfie': 18:14-37:28
'Transparent': 37:28-53:20
Plugs: 53:20-END 

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This week the bears review two films that couldn't be anymore different: Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' and 'Love Is Strange' starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina. As usual, the guys give their thoughts on seeing these films before diving into spoilers -- just in case you're on the fence and need some advice. Enjoy the show on iTunes/Stitcher or on our website!

Time Index

Intros: 0:00 - 2:44
Fantastic Fest Recap (Will): 2:45 - 14:41
'Tusk' Review: 14:42 - 35:21
'Tusk' SPOILERS: 35:22 - 48:24
'Love Is Strange' Review: 48:25 - 1:07:45
'Love Is Strange' SPOILERS: 1:07:46 - 1:19:26
Plugs & Outro: 1:19:27 - 1:31:21

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This week on MBP TV, the bears discuss three fall premieres: 'Gotham,' 'How to Get Away With Murder,' and 'SURVIVOR.' Are these shows worth your time? If you don't mind some spoilage, check out our thoughts! 

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-03:47

Gotham: 03:37-28:52

How to Get Away With Murder: 28:52-45:43

SURVIVOR: 45:43-01:13:17

Plugs: 01:13:17-END


Brad: Simpsons vs. Family Guy, Episodes 16-22 of 'Agents of SHIELD'

Casey: 'Madame Secretary' and 'Transparent'

Stephen: 'Saturday Night Live'

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