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This week the guys are joined by Greg Boas, co-producer and Cinematographer on the new documentary 'Drew: The Man Behind the Poster.' Before diving into their review of 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,' the guys discuss 'Drew' and Greg's role in bringing the film to fruition. Then it's on to the 75th Annual Hunger Games and all they have in store for poor Katniss and Peeta. Enjoy the show!

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Intros/'Drew: The Man Behind the Poster': 00:00-22:45
'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire': 22:45-1:09:24
Plugs: 1:09:24-END

Drew: The Man Behind the Poster



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Drew: The Movie:

MBP TV's 'Doctor Who' Review:

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This week MBP TV celebrates Doctor Who's 50th anniversary! Before diving into spoilers about the special anniversary episode, the guys discuss the movie theater simulcast experience and reflect on 'Who' fandom in general. After that, it's open season on spoilers as the guys breakdown and discuss all the amazingness packed into the anniversary special. Enjoy the episode and let us know your thoughts!

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This week the guys sit down with 'BearCity' and 'CSI' star Gerald McCullouch to discuss his newest project, 'Daddy: The Movie.' They also review 'Dallas Buyers Club,' the new AIDS epidemic film starring Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, and Jennifer Garner. If you're on the fence about this one, the guys give some non-spoilery advice on whether you should see the film before taking you to Spoilertown. Enjoy the show!

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Intros/'Daddy': 00:00-24:06
'Dallas Buyers Club' Review: 24:06-58:04
Plugd: 58:04-End

'Daddy: The Movie'



Jim: Written reviews at
Will: 'Frances Ha' on Netflix, The Lindus List at
Brad: 'Drew: The Man Behind the Poster' on DVD/Blu-Ray and VOD, 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' out this weekend

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On this week's MBP TV, the guys dish a whole slew of TV news, discuss some of the shows cooling their heels in their VOD queues, and review the latest episodes of 'Almost Human' and 'The Walking Dead.' Enjoy the episode and don't forget to leave us ratings/feedback in iTunes/Stitcher or on Facebook or Twitter!

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Intros: 00:00-00:56
TV News: 00:56-15:20
The QUEUE: 15:20-40:45
Almost Human: 40:45-1:01:28
The Walking Dead: 1:01:28-01:16:52
Plugs: 1:16:52-END


'Desert Migration' Documentary:
'Francis Ha' now on VOD
'Breaking Bad' Alternate Ending: 

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This week the Movie Bears Podcast teams up Avengers-style with the Comic Book Bears Podcast to review 'Thor: The Dark World.' If you're on the fence about seeing this one, the guys give some non-spoilery advice before jumping into their spoiler-filled review of the film. They also discuss the extended 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' preview and what may be ahead for the Marvel universe. In true Marvel fashion, be sure to stick around to the verrrrry end for a fun stinger! Enjoy the show!

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Intros/Captain America: 00:00-07:57
Thor: The Dark World: 07:57-1:04:33
Plugs: 1:04:33-End 

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This week, MBP TV dishes some news on a variety of topics, including the passing of Marcia Wallace (famous for her voice work on 'The Simpsons'), the CW's full season orders on several new shows, and 'The Big Bang Theory's incredibe ratings success. Casey and Brad then report in on their homework from last week -- respectively checking out 'Sherlock' and 'New Girl' -- before the guys review the latest episodes of 'American Horror Story: Coven' and 'The Walking Dead.' Enjoy the show!

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Rather than review 'Ender's Game' -- originally authored by anti-gay activist Orson Scott Card -- the guys discuss 9 of the most essential LGBT films in existence. From drag queens to cowboys, from to trannies to bear cubs, there's plenty in these films to entertain while raising awareness and promoting equality. Enjoy the show and let us know *your* picks for best LBGT films!

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After a hiatus last week, the guys return to discuss which fall shows they're still actively watching. They also discuss some of the shows they've dropped altogether and comment on what makes a show good enough to stick with. Check out their thoughts and be sure to share your own on Facebook or Twitter! Enjoy the show.

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