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This week the guys are joined by actor Jeremy Owen -- the hirsute sword vendor in 'Paul' and creator of the bear comic book 'Bludgeon' -- to tackle 'The Wolverine,' the newest addition in the X-Men franchise. They also discuss some kick-ass indie films you should be watching and respond to some listener mail. Enjoy the show!

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This week the guys are joined by Mike C. of to discuss 'The Conjuring,' the new ghostly suspense thriller starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. Based on a true story, 'The Conjuring' follows the Warrens -- a ghost-hunting power couple -- as they attempt to free a family from the demons haunting their home. They guys also dish some movie news, including the recent announcement that Superman and Batman will come together in the 2015 sequel to 'Man of Steel.'

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This week the guys dish some movie news before reviewing Guillermo Del Toro's new robo porn flick, 'Pacific Rim.' Enjoy the show below or in iTunes or Stitcher Radio! :)

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This week the guys tackle not one but TWO summer releases: 'Despicable Me 2' and 'The Lone Ranger.' They also discuss the highly controversial 'Ender's Game,' a November release penned by anti-gay activist Orson Scott Card. Enjoy the show and let us you know your thoughts via feedback in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Facebook, Twitter, etc!

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This week the guys tackle the new Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy buddy comedy, 'The Heat.' Before they dive into their review, however, the guys also share their Top 3 Films of 2013 thus far. Enjoy the show and feel free to leave us some feedback in iTunes or on Stitcher Radio, Facebook, or Twitter!

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