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Joined by Eric Blad of the Minneapolis Movie Bears, the guys dish news from the film industry before diving into their review of 'The Hangover' Part 3. If you're on the fence about this one, the guys give some non-spoilery advice to help you make up your mind. For those who *have* seen the film, let us know if you agree or disagree with our thoughts! Enjoy the show.

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This week the guys take on 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' with a little help from Mike Cruz and Bob Kusiak ( The discussion is a lively one as the guys go back and forth on what they loved and, on the flip side, what they didn't. If you haven't yet seen 'Into Darkness,' a) be sure to check out the guys' spoiler-free review and recommendations and b) GO SEE IT NOW! Enjoy the show. :)

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This week the guys discuss the newest take on a beloved classic: 'The Great Gatsby.' If you're undecided about seeing this one, listen to the guys' recommendations to help make up your mind. If you HAVE seen it, let them know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, or Stitcher Radio! Enjoy the show.

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Joining forces with the Comic Book Bears Podcast, the guys give their non-spoilery recommendations on whether to see 'Iron Man 3' before diving into their spoileriffic review of the film. 

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This week the guys are joined by Rick Copp of 'Where the Bears Are' fame to discuss season 2 of the hit web series and review 'Pain & Gain,' the new action/dark comedy film by Michael Bay.

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