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On this episode, we're delighted to be joined by Michael and Don from the Big Fat Gay Podcast! We'll be chatting a bit about our impressions of this weird movie year's Oscars before diving into the newest 'Mortal Kombat' film! Does the reboot re-charge the franchise? Or did it...wait for it...FINISH IT?! Check it out to hear our thoughts. Enjoy the show.

Remember to also check out Michael & Don and their podcasting mates discussing the issues that fat people and their admirers face in relationships, media, and society on The Big Fat Gay Podcast here!


0:00 - Special Guest Intros

9:29 - 2021 Oscars Discussion

29:30 - Review: MORTAL KOMBAT

56:23 - Spoilers!: MORTAL KOMBAT

1:23:04 - Wrap-up & Plugs

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