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On this episode of the Movie Bears Podcast we review Pixar's latest animated feature, 'Coco' about a young boy, Miguel, who's love of music leads him on an adventure to the Land of the Dead. We also discuss the 'Frozen' short film and some movie news, including 'Lady Bird' becoming the highest rated film of all time on Rotten Tomatoes, and Disney's strong-arm demands to movie theaters for the upcoming 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'.


0:00 - Intros

5:15 - Movie News: 'Lady Bird' is the highest-reviewed movie ever on RT, Disney's demands on movie theaters showing 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', and 'Super Mario Bros.' movie from Illuminations Entertainment.

29:10 - Review: 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' short film

42:11 - Review: Pixar's 'Coco'

55:14 - Spoilers: Pixar's 'Coco'

1:14:24 - Plugs & Outro


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