Movie Bears Podcast

Joined by Bill Zanowitz of the Comic Book Bears Podcast, the guys review the newest Spider-Man reboot flick this week. As usual, the guys give advice on whether this film is worth your time and money before diving into spoiler territory. Enjoy the show in iTunes/Stitcher or check out the video recording on the Movie Bears Podcast YouTube channel. 

Time Index

Intros: 00:00 – 04:17

Movie News: 04:18 – 21:59

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review (non-spoilers): 22:00 – 39:41

Spoilers: 39:42 – 1:26:33

Plugs: 1:26:34 – 1:35:59

Outro & Outtakes: 1:36:00 – 1:38:27

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