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This week the guys discuss the passing of 'Fast and Furious' star Paul Walker, some upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch goodness, and the accidental exposure of an NC-17 trailer to a child-filled audience waiting to see Disney's 'Frozen.' The guys also give some non-spoilery advice on whether people should see 'Frozen' before diving into their super spoilery review. Enjoy the show and don't forget to leave us some feedback in iTunes, Stitcher, or on Facebook/Twitter!

Time Index

00:00-01:26 - Intros
01:26-21:54 - Movie News
21:54-01:12:21 - 'Frozen' Review
01:12:21-END - Plugs/Outro


Jim: 'Philomena' starring Judi Dench
Brad: The Flash on the CW's 'Arrow' this week

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