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We're celebrating 'National Coming Out Day' with a review of THE BOYS IN THE BAND, the new Netflix adaptation of the same-named 1968 play by Mart Crowley and groundbreaking 1970 movie from William Friedkin. Starring Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, and more, this film explores the gay/bi condition during a birthday party set in 1960's NYC. Have a listen to what we thought of this notable piece of LGBT cinema. Enjoy!


0:00 - Intros


5:44 - Review & non-spoiler discussion

36:44 - Spoilers

1:13:13 - Plugs: DAVID ATTENBOROUGH: A LIFE ON OUR PLANET documentary (Netflix); CHARM CITY KINGS (HBO Max); STAR WARS: SQUADRONS (EA Sports Video Game)

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