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Looks like we all survived the solar eclipse, and we aren’t yet being overrun by killer, man-eating plants. WHEW! This means that we're still ready, willing, and able to see and talk about movies YAY!! On this episode, we review Steven Soderbergh’s latest heist comedy ‘Logan Lucky.’ Plus, after our less than positive recent review of ‘Annabelle: Creation’, we decided to do a retrospective review of a killer doll movie we DO enjoy: ‘Child’s Play.’ AND we’re announcing the winners of our ‘BearCity 3’ contest from last week. Listen in!


0:00 - Intros

13:11 - Retro/Classic Review: CHILD'S PLAY (1988)

42:38 - Review: LOGAN LUCKY

1:00:22 - Spoilers: LOGAN LUCKY

1:14:34 - Plugs & Outro

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