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After joking about doing a 'Steven Universe' special episode, fans of the podcast wrote in asking -- and some outright demanded -- that we actually do one. We're happy to oblige and thus we present the MBP 'Steven Universe' Special!

If you're new to 'Steven Universe,' the boys have a spoiler-free discussion around what the show is all about and why they love it so much. If you've maybe been on the fence about checking out 'Steven Universe,' listening in may help sway you!

For veterans of 'Steven Universe' (or folks who don't mind being spoiled), the guys count down and discuss their favorite episodes of the series. Obvious picks include fan favorites like 'The Answer' and 'Mr. Greg' but there are definitely a few surprises as well! 

Enjoy the show and if you'd like to see us do more 'Steven Universe' episodes/reviews, be sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, etc!

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