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On this episode we review and discuss two new movies, 'Warcraft' and 'The Conjuring 2'. But we've managed to make it more fun with all of us (and some listeners, too!) live-playing World of Warcraft and running around in the game as marauding Orcs just to give our Warcraft movie review a fun, meta edge. It's worth a listen just to hear how first time WoW-er Jim stumbles his way through his initial quests... For The Horde!!!

Intros & WoW Gaming: 0:00 - 19:56
Review - WARCRAFT: 19:57 - 1:00:33
Review - THE CONJURING 2: 1:00:34 - 1:21:52
Shoutouts & Outro: 1:21:53 - 1:24:07

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