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On this weeks show, we are joined by special guest Carl Sandler, the CEO of the 'Daddyhunt' website and app, and the co-writer/producer of the brand new unique web series, 'Daddyhunt: The Serial'. Carl talks with us, providing cool insight into the ideas behind the creation of the mini-series, its production, and the excitement of sharing it with existing/new Daddyhunt members as well as anyone who wants to check it out.

Speaking of which, you can watch the entire 5-episode series of 'Daddyhunt: The Serial' on Youtube (click the links below) in about 7 minutes. The Movie Bears Podcast guys have all checked it out and agree that this fun & engaging series is totally worth your time to give it a watch or two. You can also click on the links provided to check out the Daddyhunt website.

Brad, Will & Jim also review the newest Coen Brothers film, 'Hail, Caesar!' Tune in for our non-spoiler and spoiler thoughts on that movie and more! 

Intros and interview with Carl Sandler (CEO of Daddyhunt and co-writer/producer of Daddyhunt: The Serial):  0:00 - 25:08
Review - HAIL, CAESAR!: 25:09 - 45:43
Spoilers - HAIL, CAESAR!: 45:44 - 1:03:39
Plugs & Outros: 1:03:40 - 1:16:20


'Daddyhunt: The Serial' (all episodes) -

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