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This week the bears of MBP TV return after a bit of a break to discuss two TV events that have everyone talking: the full series of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and the HBO series finale of “Looking”, in the form of a 90-minute TV movie. Listen as we pour one out for our home girl Barb, determine which of us is the Patrick, Dom, or Agustin in our group, and throw out as many double entendres as possible while giving you the pros and cons of two of the most talked-about shows of the summer season. Find this and all of our previous episodes in iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or on our website at

Time Index

Intros: 00:00-02:37

Stranger Things: 02:37-33:18

Looking The Movie: 33:18-48:55

Plugs: 48:55-57:29



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